About us

Storyplex New York City based immersive design and storytelling company. We strive to utilize technology to create innovative experiences.





With film and television backgrounds, the people who create the content for Storyplex take a narrative-centric approach to each project.


For each project to be enjoyable and immersive for users, they need tasks to give them agency. Game design is a useful starting point for engagement.


Not all Storyplex projects have physicality that users can touch beyond screens, but that's increasingly been the goal.


Utilizing technology allows the creation of immersive experiences that can respond to users, rather than needing humans to moderate the experience.


Who we are?


Storyplex was founded by Shaun Axani, a media producer-turned-creative technologist. Utilizing his diverse skillset, and collaborating with writers, game designers, artists, and coders, Storyplex has created work for festivals, corporate clients and educational facilities.

Storyplex's inception and mandate was quickly accelerated with Quinn, Shaun's thesis project, being chosen to premeire at Tribeca Film Festival in 2016, and later being selected as a Future of Storytelling prize finalist in fall 2016.

While Quinn continues its development to a full production, Storyplex also worked with Wildrence to create a similar experience, Refuge, that is now open in Lower East Side, in New York.

Storyplex continues to explore immersive ways to use technology to tell stories with a mandate of trying to shine a light on social issues or to enhance education.



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Shaun Axani

Founder, Writer, Creative Technologist

Growing up in and around Toronto, Canada, Shaun came to New York City to pursue a master's degree at the renowned ITP at NYU. He combines his media and story roots with physical computing, mobile development, augmented reality and code to tell new media stories in innovative and exciting ways.

In the past year, Shaun has been an adjunct professor at NYU, FIT, and CUNY, teaching students to code in Python, HTML/CSS/Javascript, and Processing.

Shaun works with a talented group of creators in New York and across North America to make Storyplex's fun projects a reality.

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